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Link-B Consulting offers comprehensive full-service consulting that encompasses all aspects your organization needs for success.


Link-B Consulting’s passion for innovation extends to strategic consulting.

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Link-B Consulting offers customized coaching and development programs tailored to your specific needs, empowering your team to reach their full potential.

Case Studies

Company extension

I have also help one of my clients to create an affiliate entity in Spain. Helping him to find HR third party to manage his payroll, advice on compensation and benefit, design and implement process and policies, support employees’ requests and advices him in all topics related to HR.

Testimonial by Cedric Pean

“I highly recommend Borith, who was instrumental in the expansion of Digitalinkers into Spain. His deep understanding of international HR laws and cultural dynamics was pivotal in establishing our operations in this new market. Borith excelled in aligning our strategic goals with local practices, ensuring legal compliance and fostering a positive, inclusive work environment. His exceptional communication skills and strategic insight have left a lasting impact on our agency. Any organization would be fortunate to have Borith’s expertise in navigating the complexities of international HR.”

Transforming organizational excellence

It’s been 2 years that I support companies in pharma area on their people strategy and organizational design. Define the right organization to answer to the market change, identify the right skills and make sure to keep people empowered during uncertain environment.

In this role, I advise my customer on cost efficiency, define social process approach, provide tactic and coaching on managing employee representatives in order to generate profitability and mitigate litigation risk. I’m working in global environment, for multiple countries.

Transforming organizational excellence

I’m acting as Interim manager in companies meanwhile the companies recruiting their new head of HR or HR director. Leading the people strategy, managing the HR team. Interacting with executive leaders to support the companies development.

Global environment and multi-countries

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